about me

Katrin Jeggle, Ph.D.

Katrin started her healthy lifestyle consulting business more than 20 years ago. First encounter with the 80:20:100 model (diet: exercise: thinking/mind-setting) took place in South Bohemia, in a beautiful place, in a group, with interesting people, where the organizers helped together on the farm, cooked and ate healthy food (macrobiotic diet) during the stay, attended lectures by famous philosophical thinkers and various leisure activities, with groups of people consisting of very diverse individuals.

As part of her interests and activities related to reading philosophical-psychological books, Katrin started a humanities degree and at the same time took up competitive fitness and dance. Later on, Katrin, who was originally focused on the German language, got the opportunity to organize conferences at the Goethe-Institut and later to work in a post-production company (image and sound). Katrin went on to study for a Master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies with a focus on electronic culture and at the same time got the opportunity to work in a multinational corporate company.

Her career continued in several other multinational companies with both German and English language training, and on recommendation also with the start of a Ph.D. in Information Science accompanied by several international conferences in HCI/UX.

Around 2015 a turning point occurred when the academic path was interrupted by many tragic events and the topic of health came to the fore. Katrin became more and more dedicated to lifestyle and personal development, including further qualifications in the field, testing a method that works, focusing on solving basic habits to achieve the best and most sustainable results. Before the pandemic phase began, Katrin moved to the USA where she is now in her 3rd year of full online operation. The move overseas was preceded by a career focus on recruitment, which is a very demanding and complex discipline and where Katrin used her skills/methods/techniques to collaborate more in social environments.

Currently Katrin is developing a full home-based consultancy activity through various countries to enable people to be flexible, fit, not afraid to move forward in a fully remote mode and to break down blocks/fears/stresses. People definitely feel better after working with me!

Katrin Jeggle with Paul and Charles R. Jones
Paul and Charles R. Jones
Katrin Jeggle with Joe Foster
Joe Foster
Katrin Jeggle with Robert Bianchi and David J. Bruno
Robert (Bob) Bianchi and David J. Bruno
Katrin Jeggle with Ryan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton
Katrin Jeggle with Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo
Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo
Katrin Jeggle with JT Foxx and Francie Baldwin
JT Foxx and Francie Baldwin
Katrin Jeggle with Mitchell Feldman and Alex Clark
Mitchell Feldman and Alex Clark
Katrin Jeggle with George Moulines
George Moulinos
Katrin Jeggle with Dr Rajewski
Pawel Rajewski
Katrin Jeggle with Julie Joe Foster and Richard Banister
Julie Joe Foster and Richard Banister
Katrin Jeggle with Jan Brejcha
Jan Brejcha